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Energy Innovation Solutions

Welcome. Innovative Energy Solutions was established in 2011 to facilitate the provision of alternative energy resources that will move America in the 21st Century and beyond. We are a young energetic company committed to America’s energy independence and the reduction of greenhouse gases that threaten the environment and the future of ourselves, our children and the generations to come. At the same time, we strive to reduce overall costs for our customers.

  • 1
    * Convert your fleet to run on CNG
    * Cleanest burning fossil fuel 
    * CNG emits 30 to 40% less pollutants 
    * Reduce your companies carbon footprint

  • 2
    IES is Building Infrastructure for the future
    * Scalable solutions suited for urban environment
    * Plug and play compression systems
    * Fast fill solutions
    * Committing to the future today
    * CNG emits 30 to 40% less pollutants
    * Helping you reduce your transportation costs by 50%
  • 1
    Analysis of your transportation expenses
    * Boost fleet performance and fuel efficiency
    * Reduce transportation costs by 50%
    * Switch to less polluting modes of transportation
    * Optimize Route planning
    * Promote fleet efficiency
  • 2
    Gasoline prices will continue to increase
    * US imports 65% of its petroleum.
    * US is vulnerable to supply disruptions
    * We use 25% of the worlds oil demand
  • 3
    CNG IQ
    * IES improves your companies sustainability plan
    * IES is building infrastructure to help you realize
       50% costs savings
    * IES has partnered with a global leading company
       in natural gas technology
  • 4
    Environmental advantage of CNG vs Gasoline
    * Reduction of carbon monoxide(CO) by 90%
    * Very low air toxics (e.g. heavy metals)
    * Reduction of Nitrogen oxide by 35%-60%
    * Little or no particulate matter
    * Does not contaminate land or water if released
  • 5
    Compressed Natural Gas: American Solution
    * Decrease dependence on Foreign energy suppliers
    * Using natural Gas develops jobs in the United States
    * Feeds into the domestic economy
  • 5
    Natural Gas Vehicle Information
    * Gasoline & diesel vehicles can be retrofitted
       to use CNG
    * CNG-powered vehicle gets about the same fuel
       economy as a conventional gasoline vehicle
    * NGV’s meet the NFPA 52 Fuel System Code
    * CNG vehicles have lower emissions than
       gasoline and diesel vehicles